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Training and Consultation

Custom designed consultation and/or training is provided based on the needs of the child, parents, agency and/or school.

Typical topics include:

  • information on autism
  • basic principles of behavior
  • elements of applied behavior analysis
  • setting up the environment for success
  • antecedent and consequential interventions
  • effective teaching strategies
  • age appropriate, functional curriculum
  • data collection and analysis and data-based decision making
  • analysis of verbal behavior and development of early language
  • communicative functions of behavior
  • effective behavioral interventions using non-aversive approaches
  • generalization instruction
  • building effective social skills
  • adaptations and visual supports to enhance success




4840 Forest Drive, #233 Columbia, SC 29206Ph: (803) 790-9975info@autisminstitutesc.com