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SO BIG! Interventions

(Successful Outcomes through Behavioral, Instructional, and Generalization Interventions)

SO BIG! Interventions are provided by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) for toddlers who are displaying early signs of autism. The intent of this in-home ABA based treatment is to prevent behavioral difficulties that could result from failure to develop effective communication and social skills. Following an assessment of the toddler’s abilities and needs, the BCBA develops a family-focused, behaviorally-based treatment plan designed to build age appropriate skills such as joint attention, early verbal behavior, turn-taking, play, imagination, motor imitation, self-care, and learning readiness. Programming is also structured to improve the toddler’s ability to handle comfortably natural transitions of the day, routine interruptions, and the response to hearing “no” from adults. Parents receive training to implement the plan throughout the day and their involvement serves as an essential element of this treatment.


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