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Early Intensive Intervention

Early Intensive Intervention for young children is a highly structured, systematic process to replace interfering and challenging behaviors with an effective means of communication and to build skills necessary to become successfully integrated into school, family life, and community settings. It entails intensive ABA based treatment using methodology such as discrete trial instruction, task analysis, positive reinforcement, prompting, errorless learning, incidental teaching and data-based decision making for program planning and adjustments. Training for parents, professionals and others involved is an essential element of this model, so that acquired skills and behaviors will generalize beyond the individual therapy sessions.

The Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) begins the process by conducting a thorough assessment involving parent interviews, observations, hands-on assessment of skill levels (social, communication, self-care, pre-academic, motor) and functional analysis of interfering and challenging behaviors. The results are then used to develop a comprehensive behavioral and educational treatment plan based on empirically validated practices. There are two different models available:

Consultative Model

Once the assessment and treatment plan have been completed, the BCBA provides initial training and ongoing consultation to the family members and others involved on a team to implement the plan. The level of support provided by the BCBA is based on the needs of the individual child, the desires of the family, and the experience of the team members.

Intensive ABA Therapy

In the intensive ABA therapy model, the BCBA directly provides individualized instruction and behavior support based on the principles of applied behavior analysis.




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