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The Autism Institute of South Carolina was established to address the increasing need for quality ABA-based instructional and behavioral support services for people who experience the social, communication and learning challenges associated with the autism spectrum. We currently provide ABA-based interventions, professional training, and consultation to families, schools, and local providers in Columbia and surrounding counties.

That each person with attributes relevant to the autism spectrum achieves his or her maximum potential and leads a quality life as a positively contributing family and community member, while experiencing ongoing success in learning and self-reliance.

To provide empirically-validated, personalized services based on the principles and methodology of applied behavior analysis (ABA) in order to support people who encounter autism-related challenges, as well as, family members and professionals involved in their lives. The Autism Institute of South Carolina is committed to providing evidence-based positive programming through non-aversive behavioral interventions, individualized instruction, and comprehensive training for parents and professionals.

4711 Forest Drive, Suite 3, PMB#233Columbia,SC 29206Ph:(803) 851-6007info@autisminstitutesc.com